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At Origins Farm, we represent a re-discovered connection to the land, the origins of growing food, and sustainable agriculture. Located in Hanover, our farm embodies truth, and a reminder that the ‘we are because we eat’. Our tagline grow different is about growing food in a different way; It speaks to how we physically grow food in a sustainable, natural way, but also to how we want our own bodies, and those of our customers to grow different because they eat our food.

grow different encourages and challenges us to grow different in our thinking, in our connection to the land, and in our actions – which food to buy, where to buy it, how to prepare it, how to share it, how and where to learn about healthy food, which questions to ask, walking more, and driving less.


Our values are what anchor us as a farm. We believe in healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet. Healthy food is real food grown in nutrient-rich compost-fed soil, covered in dirt that produces beneficial enzymes. Healthy people are people that eat nutritious food that provides sustenance, which ultimately builds adaptive immune systems and encourages healthy living. A healthy planet is one that can sustain itself and provide the framework to support healthy people and healthy food.

  • We support healthy food by making our own compost, practicing crop-rotations, using organic seed, protecting topsoil, building soil-moisture, and hand-weeding our crops.
  • We support healthy people through growing great seasonal food! Hand-harvesting, washing, and bagging our fresh produce while getting it directly to our consumers within 12 – 24 hours is what we do best. We offer tips on how to prepare and cook our produce to retain its flavor and nutrients.
  • We support a healthy planet by protecting our topsoil, using energy and water efficiently, reducing our carbon-footprint, exploring ways to live in harmony with beneficial insects and animals, and operating/living within our means.

Alistar Harris, Rebecca Ponder, and daughter Georgia Rhodes Harris are the proud owners and operators of Origins Farm, established in 2011. We have our feet firmly on the ground – humble, gentle, passionate, and curious about community, food, and life-giving relationships. We love the words of esteemed author and land advocate, Wendell Berry, when he says “Why do farmers farm? Always the answer is: Love. They must do it for love”. This is why we grow food and feed our community.

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Certified Naturally Grown

cng-logoWe grow more than 50 different vegetables and work with a farmer-run program called Certified Naturally Grown, which includes an annual inspection, as stringent as the USDA certified organic program. We never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Our produce is always fresh, harvested by humans, compost-grown, and always delicious!

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