This Farming Life 7.24.15


After weeks of rain and high temperatures, the cool, dry weather of the past few days was delightful. The sunsets have been breathtakingly spectacular, like the one above. We took advantage of dry, workable soil and tilled in a few old crops, and shaped new beds for late summer and early fall crops. Our greenhouse is beginning to fill up with new seedlings again as we prepare for fall and winter. It is the repeated natural cycles in this farming life which offer hope, comfort, and sustenance. May it do the same for you.


Produce available at the markets this Saturday and Tuesday are cabbage, cantaloupe & muskmelons, cucumbers, leeks, mint, jalapeño peppers, green bell peppers, peaches & nectarines, rosemary bunches, summer squash (zucchini/patty-pan/and more), Sungold tomatoes, black cherry tomatoes, purple bumblebee cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, heirloom (striped German & brandywine), Hanover red tomatoes, San Marzano sauce tomatoes, red sugar baby watermelons, and zinnias.

Find us at the farmer’s market @ St. Stephen’s tomorrow morning from 8am – 12pm, and the Byrd House farmer’s market on Tuesday from 3h307pm.


On a shelf in a used bookstore I recently discovered the sweet book, Flutes and Tomatoes – a memoir with poems, by the writer and poet Wade Stevenson. His book is “a compelling story of survival, love and resilience in the face of loss.” He invites us “to look deeply into hunger, to take the empty spaces back so that we may find a gift of sorts in the beauty formed from music made upon the places where distress has made the foundations of grief into walls.” One of his poems that grabbed my attention was Tomato Heart.

If you choose not to eat it
A tomatoes quickly becomes useless
Unless by chance you learn to love it
Knowing buried deep inside
Are seeds of water and sunlight
To you it is transformed, a crimson flower
You watch its pink petals fall
Think of everything that might have been
Desires, sorrows and regrets
How to reconcile the shadow of your soul
With your real self? Tenderly with blind
Fingers you touch the precious skin
As it swells and dilates
Like some enormous empty heart

Be well, eat healthy, and be kind to yourself and others.

Alistar, Rebecca, and Georgia

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