This Farming Life 9.25.15


Happy fall, y’all! And happy spring to our friends in the southern hemisphere! May the season offer you what you need and what you hope for. While we are loving the cooler days and slightly slower pace, we also miss the juiciness of summer. Especially the sungold tomatoes that were so very delicious this year.

This image was taken just before we removed the last tomato vines. Notice the blue sky, the wispy clouds, the last few green leaves off to the side, the thinned stem, and the cluster of light green and deep orange tomatoes suspended in triangular balance, so perfect. Rebecca and I harvested and oven roasted these last ones with garlic and topped it over pizza; it was spectacular. All good things come to an end. Until next summer, sungolds!


Produce items available this week are apples (Empire, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Johnagold, and Red Delicious), basil, butternut squash, bell eggplant, Asian eggplant, mint, jalapeno peppers, parsley, purple cherokee tomatoes, French breakfast radishes & Easter egg (multicolor) radishes, rosemary, and zinnias.

Find us tomorrow morning at the farmer’s market @ St. Stephen’s from 8am – 12pm, and the Byrd House farmer’s market on Tuesday afternoon from 3h30 – 7pm. Please note that beginning next week, October 3rd, the farmer’s market at St. Stephen’s will open from 9am until 12pm. They will also have electronic waste recycling collection at the church and a blessing of the animals if you’re interested.


Do you know what enables you to bring into focus the Light at the heart of life? For me, it is moments found on a mountain peak, with the wind in my face and infinite views across magical landscapes. For the gifted poet, Mary Oliver, it is when she is in the woods, as is evident in her poem When I am among the trees. May we all remember the Light and shine on. 

When I am among the trees,
especially the willows and the honey locust,
equally the beech, the oaks and the pines,
they give off such hints of gladness.
I would almost say that they save me, and daily.

I am so distant from the hope of myself,
in which I have goodness, and discernment,
and never hurry through the world
but walk slowly, and bow often.

Around me the trees stir in the their leaves
and call out, “Stay awhile.”
The light flows from their branches.

And they call again, “It’s simple,” they say,
“and you too have come
into the world to do this,
to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine.”


Be well, eat healthy, and be kind to yourself and others.

Alistar, Rebecca, and Georgia

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